Ovarian cyst. Contraindications for ovarian cysts. Types and treatment of ovarian cysts

November 5, 2015

Ovarian cyst. Contraindications for ovarian cysts. Types and treatment of ovarian cysts

Ovarian cyst – a build-up in the form of a bubble filled with liquid. Can localize a tumor within the appendage and on its outer side. The functional form cysts indicate proper operation of the ovary and bears no danger to the woman’s body. All other talk about the presence of disorders of the reproductive system, as well as on the development of a serious illness. In this article we will look at what is an ovarian cyst symptoms, contraindications exist in this disease, as well as the types and causes of its occurrence.

Types of ovarian cysts

  1. Follicular. Their formation occurs in the absence of ovulation. The size of such formations 5 to 7 cm. In the case where more than these figures, there may be complications such as necrosis of the ovary. Absorbable they own, after 1.5-2 months. To accelerate the process of oral contraceptives may be.
  2. Endometrial. It arises due to the penetration of the endometrium in the ovaries. This cyst usually affects neighboring organs, reaching 15-20 cm in size. It is treated only by surgery.
  3. Yellow body. Arises from the accumulation of substances in the ovary to produce estrogen and progesterone. Because of the size of 6 to 8 cm. Resolve independently, otherwise the procedure prescribed physiotherapy. If the cyst has reached enormous proportions or an Rotations her legs require surgery.
  4. Dermoid. This kind of congenital cysts, which can manifest itself at any moment. Its size can reach 15 cm. There is a risk of degeneration into a malignant tumor in 5-8%.
  5. Paraovarialnye. There are most often after 30 years for women. Treat only hiurgicheski.

The manifestation

As a rule, find yourself a bottle of liquid impossible. A cyst in the ovary is determined only with the help of ultrasound. In some cases, women may manifest symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, severe pain in the lower abdomen during intercourse, tachycardia, frequent urination, fever, weight gain unwarranted. In 50% of patients observed failures of the menstrual cycle.


Provoke the disease can be quite a number of factors, these include:

  • hormonal disorders;
  • late menopause;
  • inflammation of an organ small pelvis;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • incense;
  • Pathology and irregularities in the female reproductive system, infertility;
  • Early menstruation;
  • high-calorie diet;
  • menstrual irregularities.

Ovarian cyst: contraindications in this disease and its treatment

Treatment is prescribed by a doctor, after a detailed investigation. When the diagnosis of “ovarian cyst” contraindications often relate to sexual acts. It is recommended to reduce their frequency. Otherwise there is a risk of rupture of growths that can lead to a large loss of blood and the development of peritonitis. But although the diagnosis “ovarian cyst” are practically no contraindications, are encouraged to consult with your doctor and clarify what is allowed and what is not. If the size of a small formation, the prescribed hormonal contraceptives, otherwise it is removed surgically. How and what to treat ovarian cysts, tell gynecologist.

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