Cyst brain in newborns: reasons and methods of influence

November 6, 2015

Cyst brain in newborns: reasons and methods of influence

If before the moment came ultrasonic devices, that the cyst of the brain in infants are often, no one knew, but now such a diagnosis is made every third baby. Let’s see how this illness is serious.

The causes of cysts

Such education, which is a vial of liquid can appear in any part of the brain. Sometimes it is diagnosed before the baby is born. Moreover, sometimes a cyst in the newborn brain is not the only one. It is believed that if she appeared when the child was still in the womb, it is safer, and in most cases a tumor resolves itself. Much more dangerous if the cyst occurs after birth. In this case, talking about the infection or of the various complications that occurred during the birthing process. Sometimes the culprit is the herpes virus. If the blood flow in the cerebral ventricles insufficient, the tissues begin to die slowly, and begins to take oral subependymal education, which is considered a pathology. There is also a liquor cyst in the brain. It is formed on any portion and has a different shape. Why does it appear, it is still unknown. In addition, provoke dangerous tumors may meningitis, trauma, inflammation, bleeding. But watch how developing brain cyst in newborns, it is necessary, because it can compress the other sites, and this will lead to irreversible consequences.


The easiest method is the diagnostic ultrasound. This procedure is carried out until the moment when the fontanelle is closed. Especially in carrying out the survey premature babies need. Hypoxia fetus unfavorable during the waiting period, and the baby themselves childbirth – these reasons, which are a direct indication for neurosonography.

The need for remedial measures

The cyst of the brain in infants treated only after established the cause of its occurrence. It usually resolves own an average of 12 months. In the event that a cyst arahnoindalnaya then during this period will be required several times an MRI and MR. However, if the cyst subependymal, that without timely treatment is necessary. Depending on the disease neurologist prescribes treatment until surgery. For this purpose, endoscopic, shunt, microneurosurgical methods. In various sources to find information about how to treat brain cysts folk remedies. These include the use of root Dioscorea caucasian, yoga breathing. However, these methods can not be applied to small children. It is therefore recommended not to let this disease take its course and seek the advice of a specialist. It is worth knowing that the occurrence of seizures in a child, the deterioration of the general condition may indicate that the cyst in the newborn brain begins to rise, squeezing the adjacent areas. This is a direct indication for urgent hospitalization.

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