Corpus luteum during pregnancy: features and pathology

April 15, 2019

Before speaking about corpus luteum during pregnancy, it’s better to remember once again what kind of the glands it is. It is the temporary endocrine glands give the granulosa cells for the follicle, ovary escape out of the follicle after ovulation. It is accompanied by the maturation of the corpus luteum. During the formation it becomes yellow. That is why it has this name.

The corpus luteum during pregnancy has several functions. First – before conception. By the beginning of the second half of the cycle progesterone is produced in the gland. It is responsible for preparing the uterus for a possible pregnancy and a baby. After fertilization, the corpus luteum begins to function as a full endocrine gland. It produces the necessary maturation placental progesterone. This is one of the most important factors to prepare a female body for childbirth. Under his influence, the endometrium grows and also block the release of new ovaries.

Сorpus luteum role during pregnancy

To be able to protect the embryo, the uterus walls should have their inner layer (endometrium) formed. Insufficiency of the corpus luteum and hypothyroidism lead to disturbances in the development of the endometrium. Too thin and not fully formed embryo shell can not be fixed. Also with poor endometrium embryo is not able to develop. In this case the pregnancy is terminated. Hypofunction of yellow body raises serious concerns. During pregnancy it can be corrected by a doctor with ordering a woman hormones.

Vital functions of the endocrine glands depends on the development of the placenta and fetus. Afterbirth (placenta) is usually matures to the 10th or 12th week of pregnancy. Since that it is able to independently produce a sufficient amount of progesterone and estrogen. The ratio of progesterone production is changing  towards more placenta. And since that the corpus luteum during pregnancy takes supporting role for some more time .

ultrasound and corpus luteum during pregnancy

What are the diseases of the corpus luteum?

Sometimes the temporary gland continues to produce small amounts of hormones until the child appear in the world. But as a rule there is no need for it since 16th week after fertilization. Therefore, a woman should not worry about the absence of the corpus luteum during pregnancy at the late times. Its role has been already done.

It is not a disease and the presence of the two glands. It only means that from the two burst follicle there got out two ovums.

Normally, the corpus luteum during pregnancy gets the size of 10 to 30 mm. Size changing  in one or another direction is considered to be undesirable. In the case when the size exceeds 30 mm, it can be a sign of a cyst development. The formation of the corpus luteum cyst involves a lot of pain. But fortunately does not threaten the development of the pregnancy. Rarely, but there are sequels. For example, the cysts rupture, which requires immediate surgery.

Prognoses about corpus luteum diseases

Regular ultrasonography allows to  assess the status of the corpus luteum during pregnancy. The medical procedure made in time facilitates appointment of a treatment for various pathologies of the endocrine glands.

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