Where is the best to remove ovarian cyst?

September 21, 2015

Choose the medical institution.

There are two main forms of medical institutions – public and commercial. Each has its pros and cons. Let’s talk about them.

State budget of the hospital.

The Main advantage of any hospital budget is its relative accessibility and gratuity. Why is the relative availability? To this question you better answer those who don’t have one day sitting in line at the clinic and collects all necessary for the operation tests (often more than once, because they quickly become obsolete). In this few months to wait their turn for hospitalization.

The Workload of doctors in hospitals budget is such that they usually have not enough time to delve into the essence of your problem. The lack of personal responsibility and a fixed wage system deprive them of motivation to achieve the best result.

Some believe that it is possible to pay extra to “motivate” surgeon to give you more attention and make the operation efficiently. But the process of “remuneration” for the majority of patients causes a lot of negative emotions: to whom and how much to give, as if not to offend, when to give, in what form, etc.

In addition not possible be of interest to all those involved in the process of your recovery. Because this process involves a large number of people. It is the nurse who monitors the cleanliness in the house. This and the nurse who prepares the tools for the surgery. And even the technician who’s watching your tests. The list goes on.

In short, the work in the typical budget of the organization in most cases is a formality. But it’s free. Is our modern health care system to do anything with it yet. Despite continuous reforms, the system of free health care too far from ideal.

Another significant problem in our hospitals is the shortage of qualified personnel. The professional training of the surgeon, his training abroad is expensive. Heads of hospitals rarely allocate sufficient funds. And to pay the tuition in major international centers out of your own pocket can afford not every surgeon.

A Significant problem with technical support and equipment of public hospitals. As a rule, even if paid for purchase of the hardware, operating comes cheaper (and less effective) analogue. Where does the difference, hope you all understand.

But not all so sad. Fortunately, there are still hospitals with great managers, decent staff and highly qualified surgeons. But all the same not so much as I would like… Especially outside the major cities. But if You know such an example, the choice of the place of operation for You should be already solved. It remains only to congratulate You on a good choice.

Commercial clinics.

Unlike public hospitals, commercial clinics are constantly fighting for the quality of services provided. And it is absolutely on the politeness of the staff, regularly updated to modern equipment and attract renowned doctors. Otherwise it is hard to withstand the competition. This distinguishes them from public hospitals.

The Quality of medical care in them is much higher. Comfortable conditions make it easier to transfer the experiences associated with the operation, everything feels support and care.

Most hospitals are trying to recruit doctors with experience abroad, using international standards and methods. This approach allows for a treatment on a global level, and faster patient return to normal life.

But the main problem some commercial clinics is the pursuit of profit, contrary to common sense. Such centres often operations are performed even for those patients for whom it is absolutely not necessary. The main thing is to receive the payment (from the purse of gullible patients or insurance companies at the expense of the LCA).In the best case, this operation will not bring any benefit. But not once I became an unwitting witness to the fact that such interventions cause significant harm to the ovaries and uterus. And most worryingly, foraged so very well known in Moscow clinics. And in the process of Scam involved not only surgeons, but also outpatient doctors who refer patients, and obtaining a percentage.

The easiest and Most effective way to avoid fraud, it is not hasty in his actions. Consult with independent doctors. Listen to their opinion. And only then perform the operation.

This is a dishonest approach obscures the mistrust of many women to private medicine. Fortunately, there are decent centers and surgeons, whose main task is to help patients.

Moreover, as in the case of public hospitals, most quality centers are located in major cities.

And another obstacle for some women is the high cost of operations in commercial clinics.

Choosing a surgeon.

But no matter where you decide to conduct an operation to remove an ovarian cyst, definitely try to go to a surgeon with a good reputation and qualifications. The human body is not a robot or a car. If it is a bad “fix”, the new part is not to buy and not to put. For error there!

This is Especially important in relation to the ovaries. The healthy size of the ovary does not exceed 3 cm, and it is very sensitive to external influences (including surgery). This requires the surgeon a good skill of conducting such interventions. But not just mechanical removal of ovarian cyst. The doctor should do it as gently as possible to the ovary.


To Pay or not to pay for their own health, to be operated in a public hospital or a private in the end, everyone decides for himself. As experience shows, a lot depends on life priorities. For someone more important than buying another gadget, clothes, jewelry or vouchers in a warm country, and about the health cares let the state. And for another the greatest value in life is their own life and health. And for the sake of their salvation they are ready to give the last. Someone carefully choose your doctor and the other hope for luck.

Fortunately, major surgery in my life most people are not needed so often, so there is always the possibility of a rational approach to selection of a medical institution and surgeon.

Believe me, the efforts you have made will not be wasted.

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