When is the best time to conduct the operation

September 21, 2015


If in the course of examination, it became clear that no operation is necessary, there is often another problem – when be performed.

In an emergency situation, it is clear – the sooner the surgery the better. Sometimes the time of a matter of minutes.

But if you consider elective surgery, we always have the possibility of choosing a convenient time for the operation.

Usually the first ovarian cyst finds a doctor. Naturally, he tries as much as possible to guide you to the surgery. Gives a list of required tests and a referral for hospitalization.

But you had other plans! At work hanging the report, scheduled vacation, who will take care of children. In General, one problem others follow.

But do not despair! In the vast majority of cases, the timing of the operation can be shifted by a month or two. But only in the case of a really urgent need! And only after discussing it with a surgeon! And only having received all the necessary guidance and clarification on how to behave, what to do and what is not!

Assigning the date of the transaction, I always discuss this issue with their patients. First of all, it was convenient to them. But not at the expense of health!

So, get a referral for surgery, try together with the surgeon to select a time in the postoperative period that you are not distracted and disturbed. Because the healing process is not limited to only one operation. You must carry out a comprehensive rehabilitation and recovery. After the surgery, nothing should distract you and disturb — not work, not family or household Affairs. By that date all of these cases should be settled.

Quite common is the opinion that summer to conduct the operation is not desirable. This myth comes from the days when in the operating room and in the postoperative wards had no conditioning or other climate control systems. When the operation was accompanied by a wide and deep incisions on the skin and in the house there were at least four people.

But those days are long gone, much in surgery has changed, and this myth continues to overpower the minds of both doctors and patients.

To date for a modern clinic season surgery does not play absolutely any role. Constant temperature in medical facilities, minimal trauma from surgery, short hospital stay and the individual chambers allow for surgical intervention even in the hottest period. It doesn’t affect the result!

So, as you know, no matter WHEN surgery. Much more important AS an operation.

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