What is the thyroid gland cyst. Causes of thyroid cysts.

October 3, 2015


Thyroid cyst – a disease characterized by the appearance in the organ tissue benign tumor-like formations filled with a homogeneous colloidal content (colloid cyst of the thyroid gland) and dense formation (complex or complicated cysts).

These conditions are also called nodes and thyroid cysts. The difference is that the pipe has a cavity filled with liquid, while the nodes consist of the actual modified glandular cells. The size of cysts usually small (less than 1 cm), but may rise significantly, and this can occur rapidly.

When a significant sprouting brush and dense elements in it is necessary to hold a special screening for the presence of a malignant tumor. In this case, the doctor will prescribe a biopsy components cysts.

In the structure of morbidity incidence of cysts is 1-5% of the total number of patients with impaired function of the gland.

What causes cysts

Simple cysts may be the result of exposure to a variety of factors, from a simple viral infection to cancer due to blockage of the flow of individual anatomical features of the structure of the body. With the development of infectious disease involving inflammation cancer, cysts may develop as a secondary symptom.

The complex cysts contain fluid and dense particles and have similar symptoms with colloidal formations. Risk factors and causes cysts in the thyroid gland include:

  • Oncological diseases, radiation and chemotherapy
  • The cyst may be formed as a result of hemorrhage
  • Eating disorders (dystrophy) cancer
  • As a result of an increase in its follicles
  • If insufficient intake of iodine from food
  • Autoimmune diseases accompanied by inflammatory changes in the prostate gland (Hashimoto)
  • Radiation exposure as a child
  • Female sex
  • 40 years of age
  • The presence of thyroid cysts parents, brothers or sisters.
  • cysts in the thyroid gland in women found in 4 times more often than men.

  • more prone to this disease inhabitants of regions with insufficient iodine in food and water.

  • In patients undergoing exposure to ionizing radiation for 1 calendar year, cyst thyroid gland develops in 2% of cases.

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