What is a cyst. Symptoms and Treatment

November 8, 2015

What is a cyst. Symptoms and Treatment

A cyst – a small white education, within which fluid. It has another name – cystoma. Generally it is formed from one of the ovarian follicles. If the body was an inflammatory process, it can develop into a cyst. What is a cyst, we know, and what are its types?

Versions of the disease

The most harmless kind of – it’s a functional cyst. It does not require surgery, it does not cause any problems, and resolves itself within a few menstrual cycles. But there may appear abnormal cysts that do not resolve on their own. They can only remove surgically. Basically the cyst does not manifest itself. All functions are normal. And the fact that the disease is available, can be found only after the examination on the ultrasound machine.


Large quantities cyst produces characteristic symptoms: aching pain in the abdomen, which can appear quite suddenly and go; failures in the menstrual cycle; pain during intercourse, or after heavy lifting; spotting between menstrual periods and infertility.

Knowing that a cyst, and should know what it is dangerous. The worst complication – a torsion leg cysts. In this case the blood flow ceases and it begins necrosis – death of tissue. This in turn leads to inflammation of the abdominal cavity. So if you know that you have a cyst, and felt a sharp pain in the abdomen, the temperature rose sharply, urgently call “ambulance.” And leg cyst may become twisted through the intestinal loop, and the result will be a bowel obstruction. No less frightening and festering cysts. It is accompanied by a sharp abdominal pain and fever. It may, of course, this is not a cyst, but it is better to go to hospital. In any of these cases, the brush should be surgically removed.

Treatment of diseases

Now that we know what a cyst. How is it treated? Functional cysts can pass itself. Quite efficient in this case are therapies and traditional remedies. All the rest are removed surgically. If the cyst is caused by the fact that the body has failed hormonal, when it can be assigned to the treatment of various oral contraceptives. Only it is not necessary to resort to self-treatment. They should choose a specialist, based on test results. The treatment will last about three months, and only then, if positive results will not be a cyst removed operatively. The most popular and gentle method of removing cysts can be called laparoscopy, which allows a minimum injure adjacent tissue and remove only the cyst itself. If the cyst is an inflammatory nature, before you delete it, you will be given treatment with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. And only after the elimination of the inflammatory process cyst will be removed.


In order to never know what a cyst, or detect it at an early stage, it is necessary to adhere to the following preventive measures. These include regular inspection at the gynecologist, early treatment of colds and inflammatory diseases.

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