What can happen if there was a cyst in the sinuses?

October 18, 2015


What causes cysts

This disease is of two types: true and false. Pseudocysts have no internal lining of epithelium. Classical cyst in the sinus is formed by the accumulation of fluid in the sinuses. On the accumulation of secretions liquid consistency channel blockage affects the mucous glands. These two types of the disease is almost similar in symptoms. You can distinguish them only by means of computed tomography or the capture of a puncture of the sinus of the nose.

Symptoms of the disease

In most cases, a cyst in the sinus does not manifest itself. Finding it happens by accident. Only in infectious inflammation disease can show itself – the patient is experiencing discomfort in the nose, there is pain. The congestion, the presence of yellowish liquid discharges also indicate the existence of problems. If you change the posture cyst can cause purulent discharge of liquid contents. In fact, the presence of a cyst – a kind of benign tumors of the existence of nature, not dangerous to human health. But in order to prevent the development of serious diseases, the treatment should be carried out in a timely manner.

Why are there such formations

The main causes of the disease, which is a sign of the frontal sinus and cyst, are considered to be:

  • The physiological features of the structure of the nasal sinuses.
  • Chronic inflammation.
  • Allergic reactions leading to swelling.
  • Dental disease.
  • vasomotor rhinitis.
  • Exacerbations sinusitis.

Sinus cyst. Treatment

When detecting pseudocysts, which is byproduct of dental problems, it is the underlying disease is treated. After passing the necessary treatment pseudocyst disappears. In the case of a true sinus tumor in the presence of discomfort and pain require surgery. The procedure takes place under local anesthesia. It makes a small puncture through which extracted kistovaya kapsulki. When you delete an entity such as a cyst in the sinus, does not require stitching. In some cases, use and medication. For the effectiveness of prescribed drugs is recommended to make a thorough examination. A more gentle method of getting rid of the cyst is the use of endoscopic equipment.

In this case, it does not require any incisions of the skin – with the help of this technology, the cyst is removed through the maxillary sinus. This method of removal of an entity such as a cyst in the sinus, does not require anesthesia.

Consequences of delayed treatment of cysts

If the problem ignoring the tumor may eventually grow in size, which gives a person a lot of uncomfortable sensations. However, there are cases of disappearances and complete education, treatment is not carried out. Thus, the consequences can be very different.

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