Treatment of thyroid cysts folk remedies

October 4, 2015


Thyroid cysts called arisen in the thyroid gland seal is filled with liquid.

If you attack this disease, you can resort to traditional medicine. Traditional medicine knows many ways to fight the disease.

Here are some of them.

Treatment infusion of cinquefoil


  1. Take 100 grams of plant root cinquefoil
  2. chop this ingredient and Pour it into a thermos
  3. then pour a liter of vodka raw materials
  4. further flask should be closed and leave to infuse for a month means
  5. The resulting preparation for treatment of thyroid cysts should be taken in portions of 30 drops half an hour before eating food
  6. According to the treatment drug is one month

Treatment with walnut leaves

  1. crush certain number of walnut leaves
  2. then take one tablespoon of raw materials received and fill it with two cups of boiling water
  3. Leave to infuse medication in the quarter of an hour
  4. when obtaining funds to cool down – pour it
  5. the resulting liquid is needed for treatment, and the remaining mass of the leaf can be welded to throw
  6. ready to eat portions of broth half a cup three times a day

Medical compresses beet and honey

To treat thyroid You can also use the following recipe:

  1. grate beets and honey on a small grater
  2. apply the resulting slurry on a sheet of fresh cabbage
  3. the sheet coated with a weight to be applied to the throat and leave for the night

Herbal tea against thyroid cysts

An effective way to treat the thyroid gland cyst is the use of a variety of herbal teas.

To tea suit the following herbs:

  • celandine
  • St. John’s Wort
  • series
  • Yarrow
  • nettle
  • buckwheat

Brew tea from any of the above herbs twice a day. You can also combine these herbs as you like.

Treatment with juice

The favorable effect in the event of you will have a thyroid cyst vegetable juices. For treatment, you can drink the juice of potatoes, sugar beet or cucumber.

Treatment with ice cubes

  1. If you do not usually freeze water for ice cubes – always do it in the near future for the treatment of thyroid
  2. and then twice a day and reach for an ice cube out of the fridge and drive it for a minute in the throat

Medical infusion of devil

The infusion of the devil for the treatment of thyroid can be made independently, and can be bought ready-made at the pharmacy. Use it if you have the presence of cysts as follows:

  1. 20 drops of tincture of herbs devil should be diluted with a glass of boiled water
  2. then the resulting solution should be drunk
  3. This procedure was repeated twice a day

Treatment with oak bark

oak bark for the treatment of thyroid cysts can be used in different ways.

Firstly, you can simply bind to the throat oak bark for a few hours. This crust have to be fresh.

Second, you can soak the bark and then lubricate the mix shchitovidku 3-4 entering the day.

Third, you can cook at home infusion of oak bark, and then to rub this infusion thyroid.

Treatment with garlic

Garlic can also come to your aid in the struggle against the thyroid gland cyst. The method of treatment is quite simple, but not very pleasant because of the smell of garlic.

You need to make a “necklace” of peeled garlic cloves on a string. This “decoration” should be worn for at least three months, while every 3-4 days should be made new.

Treatment with celandine

celandine in treating thyroid can be used not only for brewing tea, but also for the manufacture of medicinal tinctures.

  1. chop celandine
  2. raw materials should be enough to be able to fill them half-liter jar
  3. crushed celandine dip into the jar and then fill jar to the brim with vodka
  4. then mix the ingredients
  5. means should be left for two weeks to infuse, selecting for him the dark and cool place
  6. over the life of the drug should be periodically shake
  7. After 14 days of medication can be considered ready
  8. to use it is in the morning on an empty stomach

How to use the tool is as follows:

  1. In the first day received two drops of tincture, dilute with 50 ml of boiling water
  2. The next day, increase the number of drops in two
  3. followed every day to eat two drops more, until you reach 16
  4. After this, during the month of drink 16 drops of tincture, pre-diluted with boiled water
  5. a month, be sure to make a ten-day break, after which the treatment can be repeated

Treatment of linseed oil

Eat flaxseed oil into or manufactured with the help of medical compresses – and it will save you from thyroid problems.

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