Treatment of ovarian cysts

September 16, 2015


All methods of treatment of ovarian cysts can be divided into 2 types – operative and conservative.

Treatment ovarian cysts

Conservative treatment of ovarian cysts involves administering drugs that contribute to the resorption. Rather one or another way help the body to get rid of the cyst. However this is only applicable to the so-called functional cysts follicular cyst and the cyst of a yellow body. They appear from the structures of the ovary that appear and disappear on a monthly basis under the action of sex hormones. These structures are called the follicle and yellow body (hence the name of the cyst). And since the development of functional cysts is fully regulated by sex hormones, and the only effective means of treatment is hormonal therapy. The most common drugs for the treatment of functional cysts is hormonal contraceptives. The mechanism of their action is based on the fact that they are shooting a stimulating effect on the growth of the cyst of its own hormones, allowing the body to eliminate established tumors. Of course, the body can on its own, without our help to cope with functional cyst, but the reception of contraceptives significantly increases the probability of a successful outcome and reduces the risk of possible complications.

Cyst Treatment folk remedies.

All other methods of conservative treatment, including national treatment of ovarian cyst (herbal infusions and fees, Supplements, applying blue clay, conspiracies, etc.) are strictly psychotherapeutic effect. Sometimes it can also be useful (especially easily suggestible women) and has a good help in achieving the result. But once again – all this is applicable only for treatment of uncomplicated functional cysts. Given the fact that sometimes it is quite difficult to determine what you have a cyst (functional or not), first conduct a trial of conservative treatment for 3-6 months, after which you can more accurately determine the diagnosis.

Ovarian cyst Removal

The Main method of treatment of true tumors remains surgical removal of the ovarian cyst. And preference is given laparoscopy, as it is the least traumatic for women. After it is better cosmetic effect (small seams are almost invisible), faster recovery, fewer adhesions in the abdomen. About the features of laparoscopy, read the article:ovarian cyst removal.

Abdominal surgery (laparotomy) is often performed in two cases. First, if you have too large size of the cyst, and there is no way to safely evacuate its contents laparoscopic. And the second reason is a malignant growth of the tumor when it is necessary to expand the scope of the operation and to minimize the risk of injury to adjacent organs.

Basic mistakes in the treatment of ovarian cysts:

  1. Conservative treatment (or observation) is obviously true cysts. If by ultrasound or other methods of examination (MRI, the MRI, CT scan), it became known that the woman is not a functional cyst, perform drug treatment has no meaning. It will only delay the time. But rather than produced by removal of the cyst, the better the outcome of the operation.
  2. the Duration of treatment more than 1 year. Functional cysts after 6-8 months will lose their unique layer of cells, leading to resorption of the cyst. Therefore, if more than one year found any ovarian cyst, you should remove it. The exception is women with the objective of contraindications for surgery. And only with a low risk of developing complications from cysts. In such cases the patient is under constant supervision. At least 2 times a year is an ultrasound of the pelvic organs to the assessment of changes in the cyst, is controlled by the level of tumor markers (CA-125, HE4).
  3. Not adequate amounts. Not once have I had to face the fact that not all surgeons perform the necessary operation volume. The most frequent error is the complete removal of the ovary in a young age if possible, save it, and leaving available foci of endometriosis. Read more about this in the article: ovarian cyst removal
  4. Lack of prevention of recurrence after removal of ovarian cyst. It’s no secret that sometimes a cyst on the ovary appears again after some time. The reason is that removing the tumor, we eliminate the effect, not the cause of the disease (see causes of ovarian cysts). However, after removal of ovarian cyst and getting the pathology report regarding the structure, the doctor will have more information about possible causes of the disease. This gives you the opportunity with the right approach significantly reduces the risk of relapse (see prevention of ovarian cysts). This is especially important in the treatment of endometriotic ovarian cyst.

Do Not make these mistakes and you will get a great result in the fight against ovarian cyst.

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