Treatment of breast cysts using traditional medicine

September 30, 2015


Today, many women are interested in the issues of how to treat breast cysts and whether you can do it yourself at home. It is understood that disregard medical advice in any case not worth it, because there is always a risk of dangerous complications.

However, some home remedies can relieve or reduce some of the symptoms. For example, it is generally regarded as an effective cabbage. Cabbage leaf with one hand need to grease with vegetable oil and apply to the chest. Above all covered with a cotton cloth and secure. Compress is desirable to leave at night. Patients say that this procedure allows you to relieve the pain of inflammation.

Another useful and affordable medicine is a carrot. Fresh vegetables should be grate. The resulting slurry wrap in cheesecloth. Compress the chest to attach to the patient and secure with bandages. Several times a day I carrot “puree.” The duration of therapy is a home for about two weeks.

A decoction of burdock root is also considered as an effective natural remedy to combat such diseases. For the preparation of medicines it is necessary to grind 10 g of fresh root to a state of pulp (you can grate), then pour the boiled water. Means cover and left for three hours. Now you can strain the broth. Take twice a day on a tablespoon.

The benefits can also bring packs of fresh beet, herbal tea mug and St. John’s wort. Some folk healers recommend the ointment of ghee and celandine extract is mixed in equal amounts.

In any case it is necessary to understand that the treatment of breast cysts folk remedies can begin only with the permission of the attending physician. Haphazard use of unconventional therapy prescriptions may harm health.

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