Treatment of breast cysts conservative ways. Surgical treatment of breast cysts.

September 30, 2015


A cyst in the breast: conservative treatment methods

The scheme of treatment in this case is assigned individually. How to treat a cyst? It all depends on its size, shape, and the results of medical research. Of course, if necessary, a woman prescribed the appropriate hormone therapy, which helps to prevent the emergence of new formations.

If the cyst is small (diameter less than 0.5 cm), it is enough to conservative treatment. Quite effective are various dietary supplements and herbal extracts, teas, and so on. D. If the cystic cause stress, it requires additional intake of soft sedatives.

It is important in this case, is the diet. In particular, it is necessary to minimize the amount of animal fat, as well as reduce the amount of food rich in cholesterol. In any case, you must ask the doctor to give appropriate recommendations on nutrition.

Treatment of cysts is also dependent on the presence of certain complications. For example, if there is an infection and inflammation need more therapy. Patients prescribed anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial drugs.

Surgical treatment of cysts

Unfortunately, such is not always amenable to conservative therapy of the disease. How to treat a cyst in such cases? If the size of the cyst is greater than 0.5 cm, it is advisable to conduct some or other surgical procedures.

Today, there are a few basic techniques. For example, it is often held puncture neoplasms. During the procedure, a doctor via a small needle pierces the wall of the cyst and remove out its contents. This method is the most affordable and gives good results. However, in the postoperative period, possible complications such as inflammation, abscess and cyst fluid refilling.

Remove the cysts can be done another way. For example, in some cases, the cavity formation is introduced oxygen or ozone, which leads to its “collapse” and bonding the inner surfaces of the walls. By the way, ozone is considered to be more effective, since the gas has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which greatly reduces the likelihood of developing complications.

Remove the cysts by surgical dissection of the outer fabric is held only in extreme cases. For example, the procedure is shown in the presence of large tumors or registration of its rapid growth. The same indications and in the event that festering cyst. Operation in this case includes not only the formation of excision, and washing fabrics and cleaning residues from their purulent masses.

It is worth noting that today more and more such operations are carried out by laparoscopy. This technique allows to remove a cyst and, at the same time preserve the appearance of the breast, leaving large scars on the skin.

If during the diagnosis, it was determined that there was malignant transformation of cells, doctors send the patient to the oncology department, where a meaningful anticancer therapy.

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