Symptoms of ovarian cysts

September 16, 2015


In most cases, an ovarian cyst for a long time remains completely invisible to women. Often the diagnosis of “ovarian cyst” is placed at random or a planned visit to the gynecologist in the complete absence of complaints.

Symptoms of ovarian cysts depend directly on its size, location, and presence of complications.


With the growth of the ovarian cyst pain begin to appear, due to the stretching or compression of surrounding tissues by the tumor. Usually pain when ovarian cyst are continuous, aching character. Typically increased after exercise, by the end of the working day. Felt pain in the projection of the cyst, the abdomen, lower back, may be given in the leg while driving.

Most Often pain associated with ovarian cyst do not depend on day of the menstrual cycle. If pain worsens just before or during menstruation, it may be suspected endometriotic cyst of the ovary. The connection with menstruation is typical for this type of ovarian cyst.

In some cases, the pain appear through sexual contact that can lead to serious family problems.

Disruption to adjacent organs

With a significant size of the tumor may disrupt the normal operation of adjacent organs. When the location of a large cyst near the rectum can appear constipation due to mechanical compression. When the tumor is located in front of the uterus it constantly irritates the bladder, causing frequent urination.

But it is not always necessary, even with significant amounts of ovarian cysts. It is connected good mobility of the ovary. As you grow, it will move in the most “convenient” for him to place without causing neighbouring authorities any inconvenience. In my practice, I often encounter situations when the tumor of the ovary was occupied the entire abdominal cavity from the pelvis to the liver without causing any symptoms. The only thing these women notice is an increase in abdominal size.

Menstrual cycle

Another common symptom of ovarian cysts is a disruption of the normal menstrual cycle. Usually this is linked to hormonal disorders, which lead to the appearance of the cyst. Some women notice a small delay menstruation, someone they become more abundant, prolonged or painful. Often the ovarian cyst is detected in a time when a woman goes to the doctor it is about a failure in the normal menstrual cycle.


The Next symptom of ovarian cyst — absence of pregnancy. Fortunately, it is not always the case. Problems with the pregnancy can be associated with features of the cyst (eg, endometrial cyst), with disruption of the normal anatomical structure (especially in larger tumors) or from a hormone disruptions.

The Leader in infertility clearly remains endometrioid cyst. Unlike other ovarian cysts pregnancy against this disease is rare. And given that the cyst often appears at a young age, many women also reveal her as times during the test for infertility.


But it is worth emphasizing that all of the above symptoms are not all and not always. No specific or permanent symptoms significantly difficult to diagnose ovarian cysts. This leads to delayed diagnosis of the disease, which ultimately may be detrimental to the work of the affected ovary. The longer the cyst is in the ovary than large size it reaches, the greater the problems and complications it causes.

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