The operation – the only sure way to get rid of the cyst of coccyx

September 29, 2015


As we have seen, cure ECX (epithelial coccygeal course) traditional methods and the way the medication will not work. Fully recover from a cyst of coccyx the only solution is surgery. The surgery people with no complicated forms of the disease, and people with any stage of inflammation ECX. Try to decide on surgery. This is because the recovery period will be considerably faster, as well as the possibility of recurrence is significantly reduced. Yes, you heard right! After surgery possible relapse! And quite often it happens. A lot depends on the surgeon to whom you refer. For example, you refer to non-specialized surgeon who may not know all the intricacies of the operation. So look for an experienced surgeon proctologist.

The Surgery of cysts of the coccyx could be performed under local or General anesthesia. Typically sufficient local anesthesia. General anesthesia can be used at the request of the patient or when complex epithelial passages. The duration of the surgery from 20 minutes to an hour. It all depends on the stage of the disease. During surgery the epithelial is removed from the channel exit openings. The operation itself is not complex and is tolerated quite easily. Early healing period is about one month. The capacity to recover and after a week (most require 2-3 weeks).

The Most challenging in the entire operation is the recovery period. First, the patient is in hospital under the supervision of a doctor. May be discharged on the next day, but, as a rule, the patient will have to lie down for a few days until the condition stabilizes. Will apply antibiotics and painkillers. On the first day to stand up categorically. On the second day you can already stand up, and 4-5 to go. Big problem – to get home from the hospital. This question it is necessary to think in advance, because you can not sit for 3 weeks (which is the most difficult part in this whole story). 10-14 days remove the seams. Definitely need to do each day ligation. Here’s the whole process of surgery of cysts of the coccyx.

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