The main causes of breast cysts. What is accompanied by symptoms.

September 30, 2015


Main causes of neoplasms

For anybody not a secret that similar diseases of the breast are most often the result of hormonal failure. Today it is proved that such tumors in most cases are formed on the background of increase of level of female sexual hormones — estrogens.

In turn, hormonal failure may develop under the influence of many factors internal or external environment, because the female endocrine system is extremely sensitive. Quite often a cyst diagnosed in women after menopause, rarely during sexual development. Why? During these moments the body is undergoing significant hormonal changes.

In addition, fluctuations in hormonal levels can be caused by hormonal therapy (including the use of certain contraceptives), abortion or miscarriage (this is a serious stress to the body), surgery. Often breast disease in women caused by disturbances in the hypothalamic-pituitary system, which regulates the functioning of all endocrine glands.

On the other hand, causes of hormonal disorders can be quite mundane. For example, constant stress, emotional stress, prolonged physical or mental stress affects the endocrine glands. To risk factors and obesity. Of great importance in this case is food. Foods rich in cholesterol, can cause an increase of estrogen. In addition, the cyst may be the result of abuse solar baths, hyperthermia, trauma, etc.

What are the symptoms accompanied by pathology?

For starters, it is worth noting that the clinical picture in this case depends on the number and size of tumors. For example, small cyst find, usually by accident, during a routine radiographic examination. But cysts of large size can be felt through the skin. Sometimes even women themselves can determine the presence of a hard “lump” with smooth edges.

Of Course, some patients these neoplasms are of such large dimensions that they can be seen by the naked eye — sometimes they even cause physical deformation of the breast.

In any case, the cyst rarely causes any symptoms. Sometimes there is a feeling of heaviness or even pain in the chest, and discomfort in most cases is associated with the onset of menstruation.

on the other hand, the fibrosis may be complicated by infection. Pathogenic microorganisms can penetrate into the cyst together with a current blood or lymph, as well as through small fissures in the skin around the nipples. Inflammatory process accompanied by fever, severe swelling of the affected breast, as well as soreness that gets worse when any touch to my chest. Sometimes the skin over the cyst becomes red and swells, or becomes cyanotic hue. Inflammation of the cyst is something extremely unpleasant and dangerous. Therefore, if a cyst in the breast pain, need to immediately go to your doctor.

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