Tailbone cyst Treatment (pilonidal sinuses) methods of traditional medicine

September 28, 2015


To everyone’s regret, a cyst of the coccyx cannot be cured with folk remedies and other medication. As a rule, people are afraid of surgery like the plague, and sought refuge in folk medicine. However, improvement in ECX and application of the methods of folk medicine is just a coincidence. Since improvement may occur themselves, more likely it will happen. This is a temporary remission, because once inflamed coccygeal course will become inflamed again. On the Internet you can find recommendations to use herbal, propolis, celandine and various other means. This is all nonsense. It’s not worth the time spent in the case of the disease.

You should Not self-medicate because pilonidal cyst can cause complications and serious. Must go to a surgeon-the proctologist, or, at least, a primary care physician. The physician should make the necessary examination, as the symptoms of cysts of the coccyx may be hiding other disease. Any effect of folk medicine in this case will be only short-term and likely in the future become another problem. Remember that folk remedies are much weaker than pharmacological anti-inflammatories and antibiotics, which the doctor uses only as an auxiliary measure when the ECX operation.

The Most important thing to learn from this is that in the case of self-treatment of cysts of the coccyx, you can be in three situations:

  1. Whole life you will live with ECX, hoping for a miraculous recovery. In this case, a cyst will become inflamed and constantly bring you a lot of hassle.
  2. Wait complications and will survive an emergency operation is complicated, a long process of recovery.
  3. Not notice any disease that may be more serious cyst of the coccyx, but all this time was hiding under ECX.

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