Symptoms and diagnosis of breast cysts

October 1, 2015


The symptoms of breast cysts

Small breast cysts can absolutely not bother the woman, and of its existence the patient can learn only after a thorough self-diagnosis or after visiting mammalogy. If the cyst is medium or large, the feeling of a small seal and tenderness of education, a woman may feel before menstruation. As the cysts, it puts pressure on the tissue around it, thereby causing discomfort.

  • With a large amount of cysts, breast cancer, symptoms can be characterized by a burning sensation, pain where it is, drawing pains, irregularities with the feeling of tissues near the cyst.
  • A cyst is sometimes accompanied by discharge from the nipple, then we can assume that it is in communication with the duct.
  • A small cyst makes itself felt only in the periods prior to menstruation and is constantly worried about the large and independent of the menstrual cycle.
  • The sheer size of the cyst creates a significant distortion cancer, even changing the color of the skin, it becomes reddish and eventually cyanotic.
  • If the brush size is not large, it does not threaten the patient’s life or or reduces the quality of life.
  • However, the giant brush and accession infection, inflammation and festering cysts breast cancer a woman has a noticeable discomfort.
  • If the inflammation in the cyst, then there is a high body temperature, redness of the breast, swollen lymph nodes under the armpits.
  • It is very rare, but there are clinical cases where the cyst is degenerating into cancer. And the presence of fibrocystic breast in women increases the risk of breast cancer.

Diagnostics cysts

Even when viewed mammologist palpation, the doctor can determine the cyst if it has a medium size, small cysts can also be determined with the help of ultrasound and mammography. With ultrasound you can determine – whether in its cavity vnutrikistnye education and mammography can give detailed information about the shape, size, the exact number of cysts. To distinguish from fibroadenoma cyst allows ultrasound.

Also, in complex cases, your doctor may refer to MRI breast cancer, however, the diagnosis is used universally as the most secure, it has no negative effect on the body. But still we do not studied the effects of effects on the body of the magnetic field. According to physicists, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging affects the entire body in a negative way.

Therefore, before agreeing to such a diagnosis should establish a clear need for its conduct. If this is not essential, it is best to abandon the excessive load on your body.

If the cyst to detect papilloma, then studies may take a biopsy under the control of the ultrasonic sensor. This material is subsequently sent for histological examination, if the number of epithelial cells is high, therefore, it is suspected breast cancer. The same conclusion may follow if aspirate is brown or brown.

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