Recommendations after laparoscopy

September 21, 2015

The Surgery to remove ovarian cyst is behind us. But treatment and rehabilitation is not yet complete.

Remember, the recovery period after laparoscopy takes approximately 3-4 weeks!

Despite the fact that usually the overall health and sutures in the skin will recover much sooner, do not forget about the healing of the internal organs.

That would not spoil the successful result of the operation, you must strictly follow all recommendations of your doctor.

The First day after the laparoscopy.

The First few hours after removal of ovarian cyst usually the patient continues to doze. Very often there is a feeling of cold or chills. Enough to cover with a warm blanket and this state is held. Pain after laparoscopy usually moderate and well removed painkillers. Sometimes there is nausea, maybe vomiting. No need to panic, this condition is easily treatable. special preparations.

In the throat during the first days after laparoscopy may feel slight discomfort from the anesthetic tube.

After 5-6 hours after surgery, the patient can independently get out of bed to use the toilet. No need to try to move as much as possible — rest. Moreover, in the first few days the patient usually experience marked General weakness.

In the early hours do not eat. In the absence of nausea and vomiting, you can drink, and better drinking water without gas.

Early postoperative period (3-5 days after laparoscopy)

Usually the next day after laparoscopy appears discomfort (or even pain) in the area of shoulders and neck. This is due to the gas pressure on the diaphragm during laparoscopy. This condition is easily destroyed by ordinary analgesics.

Often, after removal of ovarian cyst menstruation starts extraordinary. So don’t be surprised if you find bleeding from the genital tract.

Diet after surgery should not be abundant. It is best to drink boiled or steamed food. Eliminate fatty, fried, smoked or spicy food. You should not just get carried away with foods that cause bloating – fresh fruits, sweets, flour products. You can drink dairy products, fruit drinks, tea, water without gas.

Recommendations after discharge

Remember that the rehabilitation process lasts for about a month, so after discharge from the hospital should not immediately proceed to the usual load. In the early days there may be weakness and fatigue, therefore, it is desirable that nearby there was someone from your family to help. Focusing on their own feelings, choose the best mode of relaxation and physical activity.

Refrain from sexual activity for at least 2-3 weeks after surgery.

Fitness Classes, sports, dancing, etc. should be started no earlier than 3-4 weeks after surgery. And start with small loads, gradually (over weeks) bringing them to the usual.

Avoid sudden movements and heavy lifting (no more than 3-5 kg). Do not make long trips and flights.

Take a shower, but no need to RUB a washcloth stitches until complete healing (about 10 days). Seams after laparoscopie daily treat with antiseptic solutions (“green paint” or “potassium permanganate”) as they heal.

After surgery you should not take a bath, swim in the pool or other bodies of water.

Try to wear loose clothing, not exerting pressure on the area of the stitches.

Continue to follow the recommendations for diet.

First period after laparoscopy as a rule, are of an unusual nature. Menstruation can be more painful and heavy.

When should immediately consult a doctor

  • body Temperature is kept above 380 C. more days
  • Intense pain in the abdomen
  • Frequent nausea, vomiting within a few hours
  • Pain, marked redness around seams
  • Severe or unusual weakness, confusion

In any case, if you don’t like something in your health – consult your doctor.

And don’t forget to find out the result of histological examination and will definitely discuss it with your doctor! This may affect further treatment.

I Hope that post-operative rehabilitation will be for You, quickly and easily, and the problem of ovarian cyst will be solved once and for all.

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