Pregnancy and ovarian cysts. Dangerous?

November 7, 2015

Pregnancy and ovarian cysts. Dangerous?

The presence of such a combination, such as pregnancy and ovarian cysts, are often young girls. At the same time there are several types of education: dermoid, pseudomucinous, papillary, endometrioid, and size may be small and medium-sized. Cysts may be located on the right or left side.

The reasons why there is such a nasty disease can be very diverse: hormonal disorders, infection and inflammation. They can appear, even from birth. Thus, dermoid cysts can be detected even in young girls.

When can a woman find out if the cyst

Pregnancy and large ovarian cyst is very rare. The latter is a small general education with some content: blood, mucus, tissue. Develop unilateral benign tumors often without any symptoms, no menstrual and fertility. Therefore, the fact that a woman has become pregnant with a cyst, she can learn only when it’s a missed period.

How is pregnancy

For some women with ovarian tumors, pregnancy will develop completely normal, as well as childbirth, and the period after them can take place without complications. This situation we can see if there is a cyst during pregnancy corpus luteum. In most cases, the formation of 12-20 weeks to resolve. Women who have found a cyst in pregnancy is required to be under constant supervision of doctors. Repeated carrying out ultrasound can work out the tactics of a pregnancy. Removal of Education in the early stages is not carried out, since such an operation can cause miscarriage. Depending on how the “behaves” cyst during pregnancy: growing, if a woman complains, as well as a feeling, a question may arise that require surgical treatment. If there are no complications, the experts believe that surgery is best done when the fertilized egg is firmly strengthened and the placenta will begin to develop. Such operations are carried out laparoscopically (stomach is not cut, and made only a small hole) towards the fifth month of pregnancy. Surgery for uncomplicated cysts or ovarian cyst, which was held gently and carefully, rarely leads to termination of pregnancy, on the contrary, it only contributes to the prosperous course of leave.

Pregnancy and Ovarian Cysts – the danger

Most of the women who is diagnosed with – ovarian cyst, there are complications that are dangerous not only for the fetus, but also for the mother. Very often, such a complication is miscarriage. He contributes to a tumor in which there dishormonal disorders in women. They are connected with the fact that not enough progesterone – the hormone of the corpus luteum. When pregnancy occurs, and an ovarian cyst when it develops in the first months of the corpus luteum can turn guarding the effects on the fetus, and the further development of pregnancy, the placenta performs this function.

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