Ovarian cyst during pregnancy: there is great danger?

November 5, 2015

Ovarian cyst during pregnancy: there is great danger?

Ovarian cyst – a fairly common disease, occurring in the majority of women of different ages. It may develop in 15 years, and during menopause. Ovarian cyst during pregnancy for most expectant mothers can carry a threat only if its size is very large and could trigger ovarian torsion. Statistics confirm that one of the thousands of pregnant women suffer from this disease. Most of these entities do not threaten and virtually develop into cancer.

How dangerous ovarian cyst during pregnancy

To future mum ovarian cysts can be dangerous in the following cases:

  • the tumor grows, causing rupture or torsion of the ovary;
  • large size cysts cause bleeding, acute pain, provoke a miscarriage.

Growths exceeding 8 cm in diameter, is removed surgically. Operation during pregnancy is usually performed in the second trimester (14-16 weeks). The method of removing education called laparoscopy, it is used most often. But too large cysts can be used and laparotomy, suggesting extensive incision.

Ovarian cyst during pregnancy – cystadenoma

When pregnancy most dangerous varieties of the disease is considered cystic adenoma (cystadenoma). Similar formations are filled with a mucus or fluid. They can grow up to 30 cm in diameter. Sprawl cystadenoma accompanied by strong and persistent pain.

Endometriod ovarian cyst and pregnancy

Endometrial cysts rarely combined with pregnancy. In fact, this kind of cyst may cause, leading to infertility. When you break the endometrial cyst happens bleeding into the abdominal cavity. In the case of this disease in the presence of a woman unable to become pregnant, the doctor prescribes treatment hormonal, antispasmodic and sedative drugs to maintain pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. Future moms should limit physical activity and take preventive treatment during pregnancy. In the case of a planned pregnancy, your doctor may decide to prompt intervention, if the formation of large size. Small ovarian cysts during pregnancy is not removed surgically. This can only exacerbate the situation.

Follicular cysts and pregnancy

The most common follicular cyst. As a rule, it does not reach large sizes and can disappear on their own. The cause of follicular cysts may be hypothermia, and inflammation, and nervous breakdowns. … Under the influence of these factors, there is a failure in the hormonal system, then the failure of the ovaries. These factors lead to a lack of ovulation and follicle growth, and then the cysts. It is worth repeating once more that the threat carries only large cyst, but a woman of such formations tend to know before pregnancy.


Of course, there is no insurance against the appearance of cysts during pregnancy, but a great joy, and complications in such situations are rare. We must believe that to protect themselves, constantly observed by a doctor and just know that a large number of women give birth to healthy babies with ovarian cysts.

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