Methods of operations in the tailbone cyst

September 29, 2015


For excision of ECX, there are several methods. However, none of them is perfect. Depending on the complexity of the disease, its stage, the primary and the secondary moves towards the buttock crease, the surgeon may choose one of these methods:

  1. An Open wound. If you choose this method the likelihood of recurrence lowest. But the recovery period is the longest is 2 months. Choose this method when complicated form ECX. The cyst is completely removed. This creates a natural drainage because the wound was sutured to the bottom. After the surgery need to be under close medical supervision.
  2. Closed the wound. If you select this method, the recovery period is much easier and faster. But the likelihood of relapse increases. Method with a closed wound is selected, if the cyst is in remission. In this case, the possibility of relapse is reduced. ECX is removed completely, the wound sewn up leaving a small hole for drainage. Every day should be done bandages (to heal wounds). The stitches will be out in 8-14 weeks.
  3. Basco Method. If you choose this method ECX under the skin is removed from the primary opening to the secondary. In place of the secondary hole is the drain and place the primary hole is fully sewn. Of drainage from the wound infiltration is removed.
  4. Method of Karydakis. Dr. Basco also participated in the development of this method, so it is often confused with the method Basco. However, they are two different operations. With a flap of skin is removed the cyst. Thus, the wound as if made at the midline buttock crease. Recovery time for this surgery is not great. Also, the probability of relapse decreases.

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