Effects and complications of tailbone cyst

September 25, 2015


ECX is called a congenital defect in the development of the soft tissue of the sacrococcygeal region. Typically, pilonidal cyst bothers young people aged 15-30 years. ECX is also known as pilonidal cyst, epithelial coccygeal cyst, sacrococcygeal fistula, pilonidal sinus.

Although it is a congenital disease, people can live for years and not even know about their disease. This is because the epithelial the course often does not show symptoms. You can experience itching, discomfort in the coccyx area. The skin in the coccyx area can be wet and may appear purulent discharge. Initially the cyst of the coccyx and can be mistaken for pimple. Most people do not attach much importance to these symptoms. However, sooner or later, the inflammation increases, and to ignore it will not succeed. Symptoms of cysts of the coccyx may not appear for several months and then appear again. During periods when symptoms are not felt, you may think that the illness receded, and everything went by itself. However, it is a false hope.

Sorry, there is no other method of treatment of cysts of the coccyx, in addition to operations. And “quiet” periods are the most favorable for surgical interference. In most cases such surgery is planned. You can negotiate with the surgeon at a convenient time for you (better to highlight the month). Operation can be done through a week, a month or even more. There are cases when people refuse surgery and continue to live with ECX. It is fraught with consequences. In the future the inflammatory processes affect the sacrococcygeal region. In the future will still have to do the surgery, and then the process will be much more difficult as the surgery will have to cut a lot more the affected tissues. the is Better to decide on surgery immediately and permanently get rid of this problem.

If symptoms are already bothering you is not to delay the visit to the surgeon. Otherwise, cyst of the coccyx may lead to complications. After all, your body there are constant inflammatory processes, and they will not go in vain. In the tissues of this area is much slower processes of immunity and blood circulation than other parts of the body. Sedentary, sedentary lifestyle, who are the majority of patients further exacerbates these processes. There are also difficulties with hygiene and a gas exchange.

If we talk about worst case scenarios, pilonidal cyst to break into other tissues, expands with new moves. The complexity of the operation ECX in this case increases significantly. From terrible, there are cases when a cyst erupts in the coccyx rectum secondary holes, and even affects the genitals. In the case of the prolonged refusal of surgical intervention, there are cases of squamous cell cancer.

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