Diagnosis tailbone cyst

September 25, 2015


Pilonidal Cyst or ECX (epithelial coccygeal course).

ECx (short for epithelial coccygeal course), pilonidal sinus are all names for the same disease, which is more popularly known as pilonidal cyst. It is a congenital disease in which in the upper part of the buttock crease appears vystalena epithelium cavity, the so-called progress. This is due to the characteristics of the development of the embryo. Consider it an anomaly, but it occurs very often. The truth is most people epithelial coccygeal course not manifested in any way.

In the case when the inflammation develops, pain in the coccyx area, as well as discharge, often purulent. The inflammation may be negligible, when a person may not give due importance and acute, with severe pain and high body temperature. In the first case, patients often do not seek medical attention in the mistaken belief that the disease will pass by itself. The author of the site and he thought it was a zit and to not worry. This attitude is dangerous as pilonidal cyst can address complications. There are reports that some patients live for years with ECX and not trying to recover. Important point: If a cyst of the coccyx was very sore one day – she would get the fever again!

Unfortunately, the exact cause of ECX is not clear. A strong likelihood that the onset may be associated with a sedentary lifestyle, injury to the Sacro-coccygeal region, inflammation of the sweat glands and hair follicles in the sacrum, buried in the cavity of the epithelial coccygeal progress of hair.

To Diagnose ECX not difficult. The doctor will determine without problems and without errors. Unfortunately, the only way to treat a cyst of the coccyx is surgery. Don’t believe any promises, do not use folk remedies and do not waste your money for nothing. The only operation! Sounds scary, but actually it is not. Operation of cyst of the coccyx is a simple process. If you contact the surgeon-the proctologist – this will be the best option. It is important to contact an experienced specialist who did the operation ECX not just because the frequent cases of recurrence after an unsuccessful operation.

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