Dermoid ovarian cysts: Symptoms, treatment and prevention. Surgery for dermoid cyst Dermoid cyst of the ovary: symptoms, treatment and prevention. Operation at a dermoid cyst.

November 2, 2015


In recent years, more and more women have to deal with various diseases of the sexual sphere. One of the known pathologies is the formation of cysts in the female organs. Tumors can be benign or malignant, functional to be treated.

Types of cysts

Medicine knows several types of ovarian tumors. These include the following:

  • corpus luteum cyst;
  • follicular cyst;
  • endometrioma;
  • dermoid cyst;
  • cystadenoma;
  • kartsenoma;
  • polycystic ovaries.

Tell you more about the origin of dermoid cyst. What are the symptoms and the cause of it is? How is the treatment? And is it always necessary to remove the dermoid cyst?

The principle of appearance

There is a kind of tumor mostly at a time when the fair sex is still an embryo and is in the womb. This happens because of the injuries sustained future mother, or because of a violation of cell division and the formation of tissues.

Where is the dermoid cyst?

The localization of the tumor can be different. In most cases it is produced in the ovaries, but may be on other parts of the body, such as:

  • in the neck or ears;
  • on the lips, eyes and eyelids;
  • on the nose and in the nose.

A dermoid ovarian cyst

In most cases, this type of tumor affects the right ovary. Why is this happening, scientists are still not fully elucidated. However, there is a sad statistic.

The content of the tumor can be completely unpredictable, and in some cases shocking. Hair, nails, bones, human tissue and fat contains a dermoid cyst. The causes of such elements in it are rooted in the fact that because of a violation of cell division in embryonic development time rudiments of tissues appear where they should not. In this case, place the localization is the ovary. The capsule of the tumor is quite dense, may also be present leg, which is fixed, and education.

The growth of cysts

When a girl begins puberty, the ovaries and uterus begin to grow, and with them increased, and dermoid cyst. During this period of time, in most cases it takes detection.

By increasing in its size, the tumor can reach a diameter of 15 centimeters. In this case, it is considered highly neglected and entail complications.

The symptoms of dermoid cyst

A dermoid cyst of the ovary does not manifest itself as long as there is a small size. It grows along with the body of his mistress and gives her no discomfort. Once education is close to the size of the ovary, begins the manifestation of the presence of signs of pathology. These include the following:

  • unpleasant tightness in the lower segment of the abdomen;
  • pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse;
  • When a large scale education can protrude through the skin in the form of cones;
  • If there are complications, then there is a strong pain, dizziness and fever.

Diagnosis tumor

A dermoid cyst have to be diagnosed in time. There are several methods for detecting tumor:

– Inspection gynecologist. The doctor determines the location of the tumors. This type of cyst is mainly determined by the side or front of the uterus. When probing a woman’s ovaries may feel a dull ache.

– Inspection using ultrasound machine. After inspecting the patient waits for a study of ultrasound machine. Using a special sensor doctor sees on the monitor tumor determines its size, location, content suggests.

– Magnetic resonance imaging (computed tomography). This method of diagnosis is used very often, because the procedure is quite expensive. It can help you find with precision size, location and contents of the capsule.

Treatment of dermoid cyst

Depending on the stage of disease and the age of the patient may be chosen different methods of medical correction:

– Expectant method. If found dermoid cyst in a child or a young woman, then select this option. In this case, much depends on the size and location of the tumor. If it does not cause any discomfort and has a small size, the experienced doctors offer just watch the tumors. The patient is prescribed a regular check-ups and examinations using ultrasound sensor. While they noted the growth of cysts.

– Conservative. This treatment is based on the expectant management. However, at the same time the patient is assigned to the administration of drugs that inhibit the production of certain hormones, resulting in the inhibition of tumor growth.

– The surgical method of treatment. In most cases, if detected dermoid cyst, surgery is inevitable. This raises a question about the time of its implementation.

When a fairly large scale, strong symptoms, infertility and other complaints is a routine operation. Removal of the tumor may be performed in two ways:

  • laparotomy;
  • laparoscopy.

If the medical establishment has all the necessary materials and equipment, and skilled surgeons, the advantage of having a second type of surgical correction.

The operation

During the operation, the surgeon removes the tumor within the healthy ovarian tissue. If a patient is of childbearing age, the purpose of the doctor becomes the maximum preservation of ovarian tissue.

In the case where the operation is conducted in menopausal women, the doctor may decide to remove the entire ovary with the cyst.


The patient was pre-prepared for the operation, taking all the necessary tests and conduct research. The day prior to the manipulation of the patient is prohibited to eat. Instead, she made a cleansing enema. On the day of surgery do not eat or drink any liquid.

Manipulation is performed under general anesthesia. To do this, the anesthesiologist correctly calculate the required dose of medication to the patient. The doctor performs in the abdominal wall three small incisions, two of them entered the manipulators, equipped with the tools and lighting, and a third is needed for the introduction of video cameras. The camera, in turn, is connected to a large monitor. On it the doctor monitors all the traffic passes.

Once the removal of the cyst abdominal incisions are stitched or glued together with a special substance. The patient is in the minds of right on the operating table, after which the doctor examines her reflexes and translates into post-operative ward. The stitches can be removed two weeks after the manipulation.


This method of correction is selected if laparoscopy is not possible or required emergency surgery.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon cuts through the bottom segment of the peritoneum and then deletes the tumor. At the end of the operation the stomach stapled tissue layers, after which the patient is transferred to the recovery room. There she was being watched by qualified personnel as long as it does not come to his senses and the state does not become stable.


If found dermoid cyst, the treatment should be carried out necessarily, otherwise complications may occur. The most common of these include the following situations:

– torsion legs. For a variety of unknown reasons can occur torsion legs cyst. In this case, the blood supply to the tumor stops, the woman feels severe pain in the lower abdomen. It should be as soon as possible to provide assistance to the victim, which is the emergency removal of the tumor.

– Suppuration of the capsule contents. In this case, there is also a fairly bright clinical picture of pain, pressure reduction, the rise in body temperature. It should be an emergency removal of a cyst, before which its emptying.

– tumor apoplexy. This complication is dangerous for a woman’s life, since the rupture of the capsule there is a strong internal bleeding. Symptoms are similar to the previous pain, fainting, pale skin, fever.

Is it possible to prevent the problem?

Prevention Education dermoid cyst does not exist, since its beginnings appear long before the birth of the women. However, you can prevent the development of complications. Attend at least twice a year and go through all the expert appointed by the survey. Cheers!

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