Dangerous if the follicular ovarian cyst?

November 5, 2015

Dangerous if the follicular ovarian cyst?

Follicular ovarian cyst is the formation that looks like a bubble in the liquid. There it is the structure itself of the ovary, gradually increasing in size.


There is a follicular cyst of the ovary in most cases of reproductive age. Formation is due to many reasons, for example, unless an ovulation but follicle is formed. As a result, it increases in size and filled with fluid. This cyst usually grows to 7-8 cm, it is safe for women, and can be further consequences, which are expressed in twisting the legs (circulatory disorders of the ovary), cyst cavity gap. Unfortunately, follicular ovarian cyst with diameter up to 5 cm is rarely seen, but in some cases you may notice changes.

The follicular cyst during pregnancy

In most cases, this education is not an indication to abortion. By the week of 15-20 follicular ovarian cyst decreases and disappears completely, but in very rare cases require treatment. If pregnancy is detected during an increase in education, we discuss the operation.

A small follicular ovarian cyst


  • The violation or omission of the menstrual cycle. This happens for the reason that disrupted hormone production.
  • In the period before puberty is likely premature development.

Treatment of follicular cysts

If early detection of disease prescribe hormonal contraceptives, herbal medicine, homeopathic remedies. If the survey were found inflammatory processes, they are also subject to compulsory treatment. If the patient is obese, the diet therapy is used as a supplement, exercise therapy. Later, the effectiveness of the methods is controlled by ultrasound. If after the procedures and passed the course still remained follicular ovarian cysts, treatment may include surgery and.

Looping feet follicular cysts

As mentioned above, twisting her legs is due to the increase and the lack of timely treatment. As a result of difficult venous blood flow, leading to anoxia and stagnation. If you do not fix the problem, there may be compression of the arteries, and it is fraught with more serious illnesses. Signs of torsion are acute pain, which is often “give” in the back, as well as nausea, vomiting. Sometimes the leg straightens out spontaneously, which can cause moderate pain, which will soon disappear completely.

Symptoms twist

Patients may show symptoms of acute abdomen – increased heart rate, increased body temperature. In addition, it revealed tenderness of the abdomen. This means that if you experience such discomfort, you should consult your doctor who will determine the treatment for you. Run the disease is not worth it, because the cyst bursts without external influence only to a certain point.

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