Cysts in breast

October 2, 2015





Breast Cyst: folk treatment

Of Course, modern medicine offers many methods of treatment of such diseases. But today people are increasingly interested in questions regarding whether there are effective folk remedies.

Breast Cyst is not dangerous, but requires a medical examination. Any independent recreational activities can start only if the results of the tests and examinations proved the presence of this type of tumors. And, of course, before using home recipes it is necessary to discuss these methods with your specialist.

In fact, for the treatment of custoza used many natural products.

  • The simplest and Most affordable means is a leaf of fresh cabbage. It needs to be greased with butter and cover the breast, which found the cyst. To secure the compress, it is recommended to wear a bra, but always made of natural fabrics. A procedure should be performed before bedtime, because the cabbage leaf should remain on the skin for several hours.
  • Equally popular and effective remedy is considered grated carrots. It is necessary to do the wraps, laying them on a gauze bandage. Such dressings are recommended to be changed several times a day.
  • Useful when fibrosis is and the decoction of Hypericum. Cook it very simply. Twenty grams of dried herb pour a glass of boiling water. Cover the container with a lid, let the mixture infuse, then strain. Soak in the resulting liquid gauze bandage and apply it to the chest. Recommended to repeat the procedure several times a day.
  • If desired, you can cook beet compress. First you need to grate 200 g of fresh beets. The resulting mass is warm on a water bath, then add two tablespoons of ordinary table vinegar. The resulting mixture was put on gauze bandage and apply to the chest. Secure wrap with bandage. In the morning the compress can be removed, but the chest definitely tie a warm wool shawl.
  • Some folk remedies should be taken internally. Quite effective is the mixture of garlic and sunflower oil that you need to mix in equal amounts. Each day before meals need to take a teaspoon of the mixture. The course of treatment lasts about a month.

To date, these recipes are often used as tools. In any case should not abandon the drugs as prescribed or to ignore the advice of a doctor because only a specialist knows how to treat a cyst of the breast.

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