Cyst brain – whether it’s the verdict? Overview of the disease

October 10, 2015


Cyst brain – quite an unpleasant illness, which has its own quirks and features. In this article we will look at the main types of diseases of the governing body of the body, their causes and symptoms of exposure. According to modern medical classification, depending on the location of the cysts are divided into two groups – the arachnoid and cerebral (intracerebral). Let us consider each of them separately.

The disease arachnoid type

arachnoid cysts is so called because it is located between the exfoliated arachnoid brain and other layers of the cerebral cortex. It is a benign tumor, in appearance resembling a bubble filled with inflammatory fluid – exudate. Arachnoid cysts brain often occurs as a complication after head injury as a result of inflammation and other diseases shells. Located on the surface of the main body of the central nervous system, it is dangerous because the pressure inside it increases gradually, and when it becomes higher than intracranial, then compresses the nerve bundle in the specific area. As a result, may appear a variety of diseases: the deterioration of the current state of the patient, the occurrence of epileptic syndrome, inhibition of mental development.

Disease cerebral type

Cerebral cyst of the brain has the same morphological features as Arachnoid, but the place of its localization is different – is not on the surface, but directly within the brain. It replaces its growth for some reason, “fallen” portion of the main body. And the body tries to restore the amount of brain matter. Causes of cysts of the brain’s cerebral type: surgery, trauma, inflammatory disease, and intracerebral hemorrhage. This type of disease is much more dangerous than the first, so you need to know how to define it. Symptoms of brain cysts are non-specific, as the disease is usually accompanied by a current. Here are the main ones: headache, episodic loss of consciousness, a constant ringing in the ears, double vision, feeling of pressure in the head, the imbalance in the movement, hearing loss and others.

The definition of the disease

Diagnosis is performed using magnetic resonance and computed tomography with contrast vessels. The second option also helps to differentiate a cyst from a brain tumor. The fact that specific contrast only fills malignancy, whereas at the location under consideration illness he will be absent. After a head injury, and inflammatory diseases of the brain should be closely monitored for their health, as the time discovered a cyst can be cured with medication, and launched the case most often treated promptly. Generally, medical therapy is much more preferable. It is necessary to carefully monitor their health and consult your doctor at the first sign, that can cause a cyst in the brain. Otherwise the consequences could be dire disease.

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