Causes of tailbone cyst

September 25, 2015


With the development of the ECX affected by a range of factors. Though it is an innate feature of, most people it does not bother throughout life. And only a certain percentage of people occurs inflammation of the coccygeal turn.

In the case of a sedentary lifestyle, deterioration of gas exchange and circulation the coccyx area. As well as the entire body. A sedentary lifestyle also aggravates other factors of appearance ECX.

One of the main causes of inflammation of the cyst of the coccyx is the presence in the field of buttock folds of pores, pustules, inflamed follicle. You all fought (or at least noticed) with black dots on the body. These points are the result of tiny dust and bacteria, which scored the pores in your skin. From them it is easy enough to get through simple hygiene procedures. However, in the buttock crease due to the lack of air the amount of bacteria is growing rapidly. In addition, when you sit down or stand up, there is constant stretching and compression of the buttock crease, which helps to “suck” particles of epithelium and dust in the pores and follicles.

If you literally translate “pilonidal” (Latin. pilus — hair and nidus — nest), comes another reason – hair. However, some experts do not agree that the hair in the coccygeal is the cause of inflammation ECX. In confirmation of these words, in a number of cases when during the operation ECX hair is not found at all. However, the majority of specialists think that the hair, and not only those that grow in the area of the coccyx (and, for example, from the head after a haircut), can get into the primary hole epithelial coccygeal progress and contribute to inflammation.

There is another possible cause – heredity. If you have some form of sacrococcygeal region, this may be the cause ECX.

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