Breast cysts: causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. How to treat breast cysts?

October 2, 2015


Breast Cyst — the problem is rather widespread. According to statistics, from this disease more often affects women of childbearing age. And today, many girls are interested in questions about what exactly is this disease, why is a cyst, how dangerous it can be. When to consult a doctor? The answers to these questions important for many.

What is a cyst?

Breast Cyst is an abnormal hollow structure round, oval, rarely of irregular shape. In fact, this structure resembles a pouch filled with liquid.

The capsule is Formed as a result of strong expansion of one of the ducts of the breast. At this point begins to accumulate a secret, then it is possible to observe the formation of a sufficiently elastic, but elastic fibrous membrane. By the way, in most cases, the wall of the shell smooth, without excrescences. It is noticed that the shell thickness may indicate neoplasms age — old capsule wall is much thicker.

As for the contents of the cyst, it can also provide valuable information to the specialist. The substance, which filled the young tumor, as a rule, is transparent, sometimes with a slight yellowish tinge. But the old liquid in the capsule can acquire a greenish tint. During the formation of papillomas on the inner walls of the duct the contents of this education can acquire brown and even chocolate shade.

Like breast cyst. The sizes of such structures may be different. Most often the diameter of the capsule does not exceed five millimeters. On the other hand, some patients observed an accelerated growth of a neoplasm cyst can reach quite large dimensions, and even leads to change of breast shape.

Today, many people are interested in questions about how to cure cyst breast cancer. The correct answer in this case may only give the doctor. Although fibrosis is considered to be relatively dangerous disease, specialist consultation and full examination in this case is simply necessary.

breast Cysts and their variants

In modern medicine such tumors in the breast to take to classify. Because these structures may be of different sizes, forms, and characteristics of the structure.

  • Typical variety of this tumor is a small pouch with flat, smooth walls.
  • Often found in patients with atypical breast cyst. This structure has growths on the inner wall directed inwards.
  • Is Quite common to use the so-called fibroid cysts cavity of which is filled with the secret of the mammary glands.
  • The security of a variety of this neoplasm is a fatty cyst. It is a structure with smooth walls, which formed as a result of blockage of the sebaceous glands. The cyst did not relate directly to the breast — indeed, this is a great Wen, filled with sebaceous secretions.

During the diagnosis doctors also pay attention to the structure of such tumors. For example, single-chamber cyst of the breast is a single hollow structure. In some cases, such capsules gradually increase in size and merge with each other — this forms a multi-chamber cyst, which can often reach large sizes. By the way, this kind of disease in medicine is called polycystic.

Main causes of tumors

Why do I get cysts in the breast? The reasons usually lie in the changing hormonal. In particular, the appearance of these tumors in modern medicine has been associated with increased amount of estrogen. In turn, the change in hormones can be caused by various factors.

  • In the first place it should be noted that increasing the amount of estrogen, usually associated with ingestion of various hormonal preparations. And in this case, special attention should be paid to contraception in any case it is impossible to accept hormonal contraceptives without consulting a doctor and tests for natural hormones. On the other hand, many doctors deny the negative effects of contraceptives, arguing that the health status of women may affect only too prolonged administration (more than five years).
  • The Appearance of cystic neoplasms may be the result of hormone replacement therapy. Proven medication which is prescribed to women in menopause, affect the condition of the breast, often causing the uncontrolled growth of tissues.
  • There are other factors that can affect the hormonal background of women. In particular, for reasons of custoza include miscarriage and induced abortion, as such events are an incredible stress to your body.
  • Breast Cyst may be associated with some other diseases. In particular, the risk factors include polycystic ovaries, and other diseases of the reproductive system and thyroid gland, as they may cause malfunction of the endocrine system.
  • On the other hand, an equally important factor is the emotional state of a woman. After all, any stress primarily affects on the endocrine system. Mental or nervous stress, high anxiety — all this can lead to changes in breast tissue.
  • Don’t forget about the food, since foods can also affect the synthesis of estrogen. That’s why experts recommend limiting the amount of simple carbohydrates and animal fats in the diet. And on the mammary glands can affect weight gain, so obesity is also referred to as risk factors.
  • Several recent studies have proved that there is a connection between the emergence of such tumors and disorders in the gall bladder and biliary tract.
  • To risk factors that include degenerative disc disease of the thoracic spine.

If you have any of the above reasons may receive breast cyst. The patient’s treatment will be aimed not only at eliminating tumors, but also to eliminate the risk factors.

What are the symptoms accompanied the disease?

In most cases, this disease occurs without any visible changes, especially if it is a small solitary entity inside the gland. However, some patients still complain of discomfort. So what kind of deterioration can cause breast cyst?

The Symptoms in most cases manifest themselves before the onset of menstruation or during it. Women complain of breast tenderness, feeling the sting and severity. Larger filled cyst may cause a more considerable discomfort, often patients themselves may feel during a regular self-examination. But tumors of large size can distort the shape of the breast — sometimes they can be seen with the naked eye.

Other changes cause an inflamed cyst of the breast. The symptoms in this case include severe pain, redness and swelling of the skin. Manifested General signs of inflammation, including fever, constant weakness, drowsiness, reduced efficiency.

Modern methods of diagnostics

Slightest suspicion of the existence of any entities are a good reason for a visit to the doctor. Breast cyst as a rule, easily detected during palpation (except education very small in size).

After that, the patient must undergo a full examination. For starters, as a rule, doctors recommend to do a mammogram. X-ray examination can confirm the presence of cysts, also provide information on their number, size and shape.

See the cyst on breast ultrasound. This procedure also allows you to explore the walls of the tumors for the presence of various wall structures within the cyst. If you want to hold and magnetic resonance imaging, which allows us to consider a cyst or other structures within the glandular tissue in different planes.

Sometimes patients are prescribed a biopsy, during which intake of fluid contained within the cyst. The sample is then examined in the laboratory. Normally, the substance that fills the cyst contains only a small number of cells. In addition, the study of the aspirate help to determine the presence of inflammation.

After the decision accurate diagnosis the physician must find the cause of cyst formation. To this end additional research is underway, to evaluate the state of the endocrine system and certain other organ systems.

A Cyst in the mammary gland during pregnancy

According to statistics, in pregnancy very rarely observed the formation of cysts in the mammary glands. The causes of this phenomenon are rooted in hormonal imbalance, namely the surplus of estrogen. During pregnancy the amount of this hormone dramatically decreases, which consequently reduces the probability of formation of such structures to a minimum. However the risk of the cysts still exists. On the other hand, in some cases the resorption of already existing entities.

How dangerous is this disease while carrying a child? Experts agree that the presence of a cyst does not pose a threat to the health of mother and child. The presence of such structures is not an obstacle to breastfeeding. Treatment pregnant women are prescribed if the cyst rapidly increases in size — surgery is indicated only in extreme cases.

As for methods of prevention, pregnant women and nursing mothers are recommended to adhere to the so-called treatment with antiestrogen diet. This means that from the diet should avoid (at least limit) fatty and fried foods, sweets and other foods containing cholesterol. Because this substance is a substrate for the synthesis of estrogen.

Is it Possible complications?

In fact, a cyst of the breast is not considered a very serious disease. The emergence of similar tumors in medicine is not considered as a threat to the life of the patient. In 90% of cases to get rid of the disease can quickly and painlessly.

However, some complications are still possible. The most common of these is inflammation of the breast cysts. This pathology is accompanied by an early inflammatory process in the tissues of the neoplasm, leading to the accumulation of purulent masses. This complication is accompanied by fever, severe pain in the chest and redness and swelling of the skin. In such cases, patients need immediate professional help.

do Not forget that the probability of malignant transformation of the tissues in this case may also occur. Of course, such a complication is rare. But it is worth remembering that the presence of cysts in the glandular tissues of the breast increases the risk of developing cancer. Therefore, women with such a diagnosis are advised not to skip routine checkups by a gynecologist and mammologist.

On the other hand, the cyst can greatly increase in size, especially when it comes to multi education. The presence of such patterns brings to life the women a lot of problems, including soreness, discomfort, and dissatisfaction with the form of your own Breasts.

A Cyst of the breast: treatment with conservative methods

After the decision accurate diagnosis the doctor will make a suitable regimen. Expert advice must be followed, because otherwise the high probability of complications. So how to treat a cyst in the breast?

In the presence of small single capsules therapy may not be required. In such cases, doctors usually recommend regular inspections that will help to monitor the growth of tumors.

Because often the appearance of the cyst is due to a violation of hormonal background, the necessary measures to restore normal operation of the endocrine system. With this purpose, doctors prescribe the intake of low doses of hormones (in most cases, it’s contraception). Daily quantity and the medication is determined individually.

As tools often used homeopathic remedies that act gently on the body and accelerate the healing process. If you have problems with the thyroid gland, the patient may be given drugs that contain iodine. In addition, are often used biological additives that help to normalize the immune and endocrine systems, as well as to resolve problems of metabolism.

Often patients need sedative drugs, because during treatment, it is essential to avoid stress and nervous overload. In most cases, are mild sedatives, such as tincture of motherwort or Valerian.

It is essential to maintain a proper diet. You have to limit coffee, chocolate, sweets and salt, replacing them with fresh fruits, vegetables and other foods rich in fiber.

looks Quite different treatment in the presence of inflammation. In such cases, women are prescribed and taking anti-inflammatory painkillers. When the fever antipyretic drugs are used. The patient in severe conditions should be hospitalized.

If you found a tumor of large size, then most likely, the doctors will offer to perform the puncture. It is minimally invasive and is quite popular procedure. Using a special long needle, the doctor punctures the cyst and remove its contents. At the same time the cavity of the capsule fill with oxygen and ozone, which causes the adhesion of its walls. The resulting liquid is further sent for laboratory tests.

More Often so treated breast cyst. Reviews from patients indicate that such methods almost always help to quickly get rid of this disease without risk to health.

Surgical treatment

Unfortunately, not always conservative therapy gives the desired result. In such situations, resort to surgical methods. In some cases, it requires removal of breast cysts? Surgical intervention is shown in if medications have been ineffective. In addition, the indications for this procedure are large cysts, the size of which exceeds fifteen millimeters. Surgical removal is necessary with frequent relapses. Suspicion of the presence of malignant cells also require similar treatment.

In such cases removed a cyst of the breast. The operation is performed under General anesthesia. In most cases, the procedure is called sectorial resection. The doctor removes not only the cyst, but also part of its surrounding tissues. In the end impose a cosmetic seam, which upon completion of the rehabilitation period is practically invisible. It should be noted that surgery does not prevent the functioning of breast cancer — in the future, the woman is able to nourish a baby.

Breast Cyst: folk treatment

Of Course, modern medicine offers many methods of treatment of such diseases. But today people are increasingly interested in questions regarding whether there are effective folk remedies.

Breast Cyst is not dangerous, but requires a medical examination. Any independent recreational activities can start only if the results of the tests and examinations proved the presence of this type of tumors. And, of course, before using home recipes it is necessary to discuss these methods with your specialist.

In fact, for the treatment of custoza used many natural products.

  • The simplest and Most affordable means is a leaf of fresh cabbage. It needs to be greased with butter and cover the breast, which found the cyst. To secure the compress, it is recommended to wear a bra, but always made of natural fabrics. A procedure should be performed before bedtime, because the cabbage leaf should remain on the skin for several hours.
  • Equally popular and effective remedy is considered grated carrots. It is necessary to do the wraps, laying them on a gauze bandage. Such dressings are recommended to be changed several times a day.
  • Useful when fibrosis is and the decoction of Hypericum. Cook it very simply. Twenty grams of dried herb pour a glass of boiling water. Cover the container with a lid, let the mixture infuse, then strain. Soak in the resulting liquid gauze bandage and apply it to the chest. Recommended to repeat the procedure several times a day.
  • If desired, you can cook beet compress. First you need to grate 200 g of fresh beets. The resulting mass is warm on a water bath, then add two tablespoons of ordinary table vinegar. The resulting mixture was put on gauze bandage and apply to the chest. Secure wrap with bandage. In the morning the compress can be removed, but the chest definitely tie a warm wool shawl.
  • Some folk remedies should be taken internally. Quite effective is the mixture of garlic and sunflower oil that you need to mix in equal amounts. Each day before meals need to take a teaspoon of the mixture. The course of treatment lasts about a month.

To date, these recipes are often used as tools. In any case should not abandon the drugs as prescribed or to ignore the advice of a doctor because only a specialist knows how to treat a cyst of the breast.

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