Breast Cyst – preventive measures

September 30, 2015


Are there ways to prevent the occurrence of such tumors? Actually, the prevention in this case reduces to the rules of a healthy lifestyle. In particular, the experts recommend that adhere to the principles of proper nutrition – exclusion from the diet of coffee, cocoa, chocolate, fatty meat and fish, fried foods. These products increase the blood cholesterol level, which is a substrate for the synthesis of estrogens.

In addition, the well on the state of the organism affect physical activity, whether it’s sports or just walk in the fresh air. All infectious diseases and disorders of the endocrine system should be treated, and on time. And, of course, twice a year, each woman must undergo regular preventive examination and to be tested – it will help to determine the presence of tumors in the early stages. In addition, at least once a month to conduct self breast examination and detection of tumors or lumps under the skin immediately consult your doctor.

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