Breast Cyst and Pregnancy

September 30, 2015


Today, many women are interested in questions about whether the cyst is considered to be an obstacle to the chest pregnancy and lactation. In fact, the existence of such tumors is not considered a contraindication to carrying a child. Moreover, in some cases it pregnancy promotes complete cure.

As mentioned above, the cause of cystic formations are often hormonal failures, namely, increased estrogen levels. It’s no secret that during pregnancy women are hormonal changes dramatically – increasing the amount of progesterone produced, but the level of estrogen, on the contrary, decreases. In medical practice, often there are cases when during gestation and nursing cyst resolves. But it is worth noting that this happens only with small tumors – large cysts usually are, and sometimes even increase.

In any case, some specific treatment is usually not required. A woman must undergo regular medical check-ups, as the doctor must be able to monitor the behavior of the cyst. As for treatment, it usually comes down to nutrition and mild hepatic reception. Only in the case of intensive growth of tumors doctor may prescribe a procedure to puncture the cyst and the “merging” of its walls.

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